Streaming or Music downloading.

I have a Zune 8GB. Very small portable device. I haven't used it in a few years. I remember way back when if you subscribed to some MP3 platforms, you could download mp3's to a compatible device via subscription and basically do the Spotify thing without buying each individual song.

When Spotify came out I became an avid user. Google play is a close 2nd and Pandora is another service I like but does not offer the "offline" play of spotify or google play.

I wish to find what small devices or what services still support the "download to compatible device" plans. I didn't care to stay in the "android" platform and was looking at the Ipod nano, but spotify isn't compatible. (unless possibly if I find an older generation)

Short of going back to finding music via torrents, what is still a possibility other than carrying around my phone? Some device that is light and has better battery capacity and access to streaming or playing downloaded legit music offline like Spotify? Streaming is alright if restricted to wifi, I can accept that as a compromise.


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